February: Love Your Heart!


February is American Heart Month and my practice, Summit Women’s Health, is raising awareness about the #1 Killer of Women.

1 in 3 women die of heart disease and stroke each year.

We’ll be celebrating National Wear Red Day with Go Red For Women on Friday, Feb. 6, 2015.  Why don’t you wear some red, too!


A favorite local bakery and bistro prepares the most beautiful cookies for the holidays and I couldn’t resist taking a picture!

It’s been an exciting 3 weeks on the campaign trail!  This weekend though I’m taking a break to visit with friends and family in Richmond and Williamsburg!  See you when I get back!

27 thoughts on “February: Love Your Heart!

  1. Someone on TV once said we really needed to be born with two hearts, not two kidneys, but seeing as we’ve only got one this is a timely reminder to keep it in good health. Also, so glad to hear the campaigning is on track – and that you can take a break every now and then. Enjoy! Thank-you also, LB, for the beautiful comment you left on my post yesterday. It cheered me up no end – and pretty much made my year! xoxoxoxox

    • Dani, I am so glad! That comment was meant earnestly!
      I’m enjoying my weekend; I even wandered outside for some photography this morning 🙂

      • One of my friend’s just went to the funeral of another friend who dropped dead, out of the blue, of an MI at 62. Worked on a ranch, raising horses, plenty of physical activity and fresh air. Most women have no idea the signs and symptoms of a MI aren’t anything like those of a man. So definitely worth promoting.

  2. I really had no idea that 1 out of 3 women are dying from stroke and heart problems..so sad…thank you for making us aware of this.
    And-the very best of good luck on the trail!!
    Love the photos!

    • So many women are not aware! The Breast Cancer Awareness campaign has been so successful that most women assume that will be their health crisis.
      Thank you for your good wishes!

  3. Excellent, Laurie. This is such an important message. A friend’s mother died of a heart attack in her early 60s. She died after going to an emergency room complaining of chest pains. They gave her antacids for what they said was indigestion and sent her home. She had the heart attack the next morning and died. At home.

    Thank you for all you do. You’re one of the most amazing women I know. I feel like moving to Virginia just so I can vote for you!

    • Mary, you just made my evening!! Thank you for that great comment! and even if you can’t move to Virginia, you are more than welcome to visit anytime!
      And yes, heart disease in women is so common and so many aren’t aware of the signs … health care providers included!

  4. I hope people are getting the message about heart disease in women! AND I hope your campaigning is going well–I was away when you announced here that you were making a run–it’s very exciting!

    • My office will spend February raising awareness, but I try to remember to tell every woman that I see, every day, all year long. So frightening that one in 3 will die from a heart related event!
      and thank you for your well wishes for my campaign!

    • YAY Susan!
      I’ve been posting photos today of the providers and staff in red. It’s a fun way to raise awareness about such a scary thing

  5. Drats, I seem to have found this long lost post in the depths of my emails. I need to get myself a red outfit, so I can participate next year. I’m not a patient of yours but I can still say thank you for all you do for women’s health in your community Laurie. We need a strong advocate like you! The statistic is shocking isn’t it? xo K

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