Along the New

Before heading out of town to celebrate life and the one year anniversary from the wreck, I was able to spend a few moments along the New River.  We’ve continued to have daily rain showers, making for overcast skies (and muddy shoes and pants).


Knowing that I only had a few minutes, I literally ran down the path towards the trestle.


We hope that this trestle, connecting the City of Radford and Pulaski County, will eventually be available for shared use between pedestrians, cycists, and trains.


One of our citizens spends hours making these bluebird houses.  He finds the perfect spots to place the birdhouses, and monitors bluebird activity. Carl is one of those unsung local volunteers, making the natural world and the community a better place through his hard work.


You’ve heard me ask this before: how lucky am I to live just 5 minutes from this river?

_MG_8848-2 _MG_8858-2-2

Next Post:  North Carolina Wineries and “finishing” the trip I started one year ago!

45 thoughts on “Along the New

  1. Beautiful images Laurie and it would be great if they turned the trestle into something like we have in NY – Walkway across the Hudson. Have a great day 🙂

    • It would be great! I’ll bet that walkway across the Hudson is pretty cool.
      Joe, tomorrow evening I’m leaving with my friend Ruth, heading for Pittsburgh. We’ll get to go over a pedestrian bridge over one of the 3 rivers (not sure which one right now, but I will now soon 🙂 ); we’re also stopping at Falling Waters. Have you been there? SO excited!!

  2. I am so proud of you getting out there and recognizing your one-year anniversary of life. And for sharing it with all of us, when there must be some pretty sobering and personal aspects to the anniversary that you can’t share. You are a strong, beautiful woman.

    Your photos are strong and beautiful too. The first is my fave. The light behind the trees beckons. It’s almost irresistible: the leaf-strewn path, the trestle in the distance. Of course you followed.

  3. Those images are incredible ‘jewels’!!!! Thank you so much for “brightening” my day (we’ve had well over 1″ of rain here over night and it’s still coming down!).

    • Oh gosh! You need to come visit me sometime, Doreen. I’ll get you away from that extreme weather and you can enjoy our slightly less than extreme weather (we’re under tornado warning tonight! in Virginia??? What ?)

      • I have been following the weather paths of late and it’s hard to keep track that it IS October rather than some Springtime month!!!!! Our trek to the East Coast was exactly 1 year ago this week. A glorious time! Did spend a small bit of time in your state (met up with a bloggy friend from Dumfries and toured Mt. Vernon)…gorgeous!!! Be safe……………hugs…….

    • It really is a lovely place, Lynn. and you are so right. The smell of the earth was pronounced and the wetness on my feet / pants was chilly 🙂 so worth it!

    • Thank you so much! I just got back from a Happy Halloween visit to your blog 🙂
      My son has long been out of the house and i do miss the decorating

    • Thank you, Mae. I actually thought of you as I posted this and the one to follow. Thinking of how each year you reflect on your diagnosis, and your health ever since. Our life altering “traumas” are different, but they have changed us none the less.
      I’m glad to have met you through WP!

  4. It’s almost like we’re living parallel lives when I looked thru this post. Mr B and I enjoyed a river walk tonight, as the sun was deep in the western sky. I know your feelings of living near the river. The stillness and solitude with nature can make the world feel so calm. Bravo Carl for caring as you do. Love the shot of the birdhouse. My favourite though is the first one of the trestle with the reflection in the river and mistiness of the trees and hills in the background. It’s almost dreamy, like what my minds eye see’s if I think of wasting a day 100 years ago. I’d probably want to be on a blanket, next to a river scene like this, reading a great book. Maybe a blue bird would visit too 😀 xoxo

  5. Those fall colors are beautiful! I can smell the decomposition and chill in the air. Gorgeous images, I have just started following your blog so I am unfamiliar with your story, but congratulations on your anniversary. It looks like you are making the most of it.

    • Hi Carrie, it’s been a year since a pretty terrible motorcycle wreck, but yes! I am 90% healed, and making the most of life!
      By the way, your blog is full of wonderful photos and your poetry is great, too! So much talent you have!

  6. Badass, Laurie. Getting back on that horse and finishing what you started. You are my heroine! Love your river shots. My mother lives on the banks of the St. Lawrence river for the pleasure of an early morning cup of coffee looking at the river, even though it complicates her life to do so. (Long story.)

    Safe journey!

    • I’ve not seen the St. Lawrence but I imagine that a cup of coffee in the morning would be pretty peaceful (despite the long story).
      Thank you for your words of support and praise. If I think too hard on the wreck, it kind of freaks me out, so I just focus on moving forward.
      Off to post a B&W on FB for you 🙂

  7. I can see why you would run toward the water and bridge. What a stunning vista. I love old bridges. They carry so much history.

    Kudos to Carl for his work on behalf of the birds. Does he keep track of the nesters, too?

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