Ride of Silence 2014

The 7th Ride of Silence in the New River Valley (NRV) of Virginia was a great success.  We had over 100 participants in this annual event to honor and remember those injured or killed while riding on public roadways.  I’ve not seen the total numbers from around the globe, but I do know that there were 313 rides held in the United States alone.  It is incredibly powerful to know that you are riding with people from all over the world … on the same date, at the same time.  It is also incredibly sad to think that these events have to be held.


The Ride of Silence – NRV began, as always, with a very brief program.  Advocacy news and updates, and then instructions about the ride are given.  I’m proud to serve as one of the event organizers (of all my volunteer interests, this is one of my favorites) and amateur photographer (clearIy need to work on the photography of moving bikes)


Cyclists of all ages and riding ability are escorted by local police officers in a slow procession through the city, sending a message that we will not be silent about those injured or killed on the road.

IMG_4628 IMG_4711

We do ride in silence and it’s an incredible moment.  One of the riders wrote about the event in her blog The Chronicles of Cort the Sport.  I encourage you to check out her account.  Cortney commented that “Cycling is therapy, it’s transportation, it’s freedom, it’s happiness. But sometimes it’s also tragic. This ride, with the ghost bike of killed cyclist Fess Green, was both a reminder of the dangers and a celebration of the community. I’d encourage others to take part in (or start one!) a Ride of Silence in their community next year”.

IMG_4716 IMG_4650 IMG_4668 IMG_4703

We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of the City of Radford local government and the Radford City Police Department.

IMG_4656 IMG_4665

and this next shot from the 2012 Ride.


Thanks so all cyclists around the world for participating in the 2014 Ride of Silence.

IMG_4659 _MG_4734

Please Remember!!

It is not just cars that use the road … pedestrians, runners, cyclists, and motorcyclists, too.


26 thoughts on “Ride of Silence 2014

  1. An important message to motorists and cyclists too. Courtesy and alertness will go a long ways to ensuring a safe summer. I think your city is really beautiful LB. All the pathways and large trees are very welcoming. Thanks for sharing the event. I enjoyed all the photo’s but especially the 2nd to the end. The glimmer of sun coming thru the tree is like a glimmer of hope for new awareness. My sympathies to Dr Green’s friend and family as well.

    • You are so right about the message going both ways. The special guest we had emphasized that if we want to change laws, cyclists need to obey the laws, too.
      And thanks for the comment about the light coming through the tree … I was pretty happy with how that one turned out, given that I was trying to ride and stop to shoot all evening 🙂
      THanks for your thoughts about our friend. xoxo

  2. There is a power that is easily evident when a large group of people gather together in silence with a single intention. For me, so far away, it is evident in your photos.

    I think this is a wonderful way of raising awareness and honouring those who have lost their lives.

    My daughter has recently been first on the scene to attend to a young man knocked off his bike on the one way in our city, this time not a tragedy thank goodness – but she has also witnessed the death of another cyclist who was hit by a truck in the same vicinity. This city has recently responded to many similar events by placing ugly, collapsable bollards along the boundary lines of cycle and car lanes. It remains to be seen if these will help alleviate the problem.

    • It’s kind of like changing a culture … ever since cars came about and took the horses off the roads over a century ago.
      Your daughter, I am sure, sees some devastating things … thankful for people like her!

  3. I am glad this post notes the name of the cyclist who died at that spot. Hopefully it’s of some comfort to the family that we now have the name of Fess Green in our heads. Hopefully thinking of him as a person will make us all more aware of cyclists when we share the roads with them.

    • Crystal, you are such a compassionate, thinking woman and I love that!
      The sign was enlarged this year and I agree, putting a name to the tragedy makes it more real.

  4. Reblogged this on Write & Run and commented:
    Loyal fellow-blogger and (motor) cyclist LB took the time to write about Ghost Bike @ Ridge & Girard and shared with me her post Ride of Silence she wrote about a community cycling event held each year in honor of those who have died on our roads and hiways. You can read more of LB’s work at Life on the Bike and Other Fab Things http://lifeonthebikeandotherfabthings.com

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