Wine at Night

Most of you know that I enjoy a glass of wine occasionally (just occasionally mind you – quit snickering!). A few friends and I gathered on my screened porch for a spring birthday celebration this past weekend, and of course I had to document the evening.



As the day waned and the darkness gathered in, I decided to bring out my new tripod.  I’ve been resistant to using one because I like to shoot on the fly and from the motorcycle, and I feared the tripod would take the spontaneity out of my fun with the camera.  (I’m sure the photographers reading this are rolling their eyes right now).  I sure did like the result, though!

_MG_4055 _MG_4058

Liz’s home baked Orange Sponge Cake with Mangoes and Ginger Cream was so yummy!


Happy Birthday!

48 thoughts on “Wine at Night

  1. Great post and shots Laurie, but I’m still laughing at the wine bit (just a wee nip here and there, LOL). Have a great evening 🙂

  2. Well, it’s Sunday afternoon, watching NASCAR, second glass of homemade raspberry wine, and micro kettlecorn. First rhubarb pie of the season is cooling on the counter. Sun is shining. Life is good!!!!!! (Bike is still in the garage, though. Maybe on Tuesday………………….)

    • Until you get on that bike, I’m so glad to hear you enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon! I do love raspberry and I bet I’d like that homemade wine 🙂

      • It was wonderful!!!!! DH rode his bike home with the starter now rebuilt. He has had ongoing problems with this starter since he got it 3 yrs ago. We “need” to get the bikes out and test his starter out… know….. start, ride for a while & stop for coffee, start & ride to a scenic overlook (view Mississippi River flooding), stop, start, etc!! LOL!!!!

  3. I want to be your friend and come to your parties Laurie! Looks fabulous!!! I love the b/w of the wine bottles and the chandelier….is awesome!!!! Have a tremendous week!

  4. A wicked looking photograph this one LB but hey no whining at night or at any other time, oh I see what you mean, okay then I will pour, would you like white or red? 😉

    Andro xx

  5. Oh my goodness, so much to love about this post.

    I’ve never been able to photograph lit candles before. You are my idol!!! I’m also a huge fan of those drippy candles, but you hardly see then anywhere. They are uber cool.

    That cake looks and sounds yummy. Is it sweet, tangy or a bit of both?

    I love that chandelier. Is that a new piece? Vintage? Tres chic. So glad you had a chance to celebrate on your porch with good friends.

    • I too love the drippy candles … they have so much more interest and character. The success of this photo has to be attributed to the tripod. It made such a difference in all 3 of the nightime shots. So glad you liked them.
      And that cake was perfect for me … just a teeny bit sweet, and the ginger in the cream frosting gave it such a unique flavor. So light and delicious!

      • Well then good for you for trying out your tripod. It’s interesting to know that many of the things we put off trying end up being either no big deal, or they exceed our expectations.

        Yes, the drippy candles are more interesting.

        What a fun night!

  6. Taking away spontaneity … no. We think one attribute of spontaneity is brevity. There’s discipline in going from the moment of the thought, seeing the value in the image to be captured and creating a memory; there’s discipline in getting there and time. It’s a creative act. And, once done there’s probably a choice to continue to look around with your camera, lens and tripod or to now put the tripod, lens and camera away. The question is about the moment and seeing what can become of it and what you want to invest into it. There’s discipline in being able to appreciate the moment for what it is without photographing it too.

    Because this question is about the creative act and because you’re coinciding along with another wordpress blogger, Cezanne Jardin (writing as Skymunki), about creation/creativity; I’m including an URL to a recent poem she’s written, ‘Ignite.’ It’s the backward and forwards in thinking through the creative process – like any of us in the choices we have in creating something new.

    Take care … 😉

    • You are so right about having the discipine to enjoy the moment and NOT pull out the camera. I’ve tried to do that more and also to recognize when a shot is not worth taking.
      I do always appreciate your insight! and I’ll check out “Ignite”

  7. I have a telescoping tripod i take with me on the bike and use it to take pictures. That way both hubby and i can be in the pictures as we are traveling on our motorcycles and I’m not running after other people all the time asking them to take our picture. Or ending up with lots of pictures of my husband and none of me…

    • Yes, as the photographer, we are often not in the photos 🙂
      Can you recommend the brand / name of your telescoping tripod? Thanks!

  8. Totally my kind of evening. A fire and wine and food…….why oh why do you live soooooo far away 😀 Love the candle photo so much. I haven’t mastered night time photo’s at all. Is your photo just hand held LB? Your photo’s are so crisp and in focus.

    • That propane fire pit is perfect for inside the porch … it adds so much atmosphere (and a bit of warmth, which we did need last Friday).
      I practiced with the tripod and by hand, and was so very pleased with the tripod. I’ll be using it more!

    • Thank you! I have to confess to feeling intimidated and restricted by the tripod … until I saw the result! Pretty happy with my first effort 🙂

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