International SkypeTea Party!

Somehow, a Harley riding photographer from Virginia, became linked, via the joy that is WordPress blogging, with a talented, creative group of women from around the world.  When Boomdee suggested we have an international Tea Party by Skype, we all jumped at the chance to particpate.


We each wore a hat and gloves, and were prepared with tea to drink and a poem to share.  I was tempted to wear my helmet and leather, but couldn’t resist letting my inner Lady shine through with elbow length white gloves.  You’re not surprised to learn that I had wine in my tea cup, are you?


Despite a few technical difficulties, and most of us not being able to see the others, we were able to hear each others voices, and enjoy poems, laughter, and stories.  While I would have loved to see faces, I truly feel that I got to know these women a little better just by listening to their voices.

And before we knew it, a couple hours had passed, and we had all enjoyed a fabulous evening!!


Please, please, please check out the posts from the other Skype Tea participants.  They have described the process far better than I – including how to coordinate a Skype session for 6 busy women from several different countries and time zones!

Thank you Boomdee, at Boomdeeadda for organizing this international Skype Tea Party. Check out her post Blogging With Friends From Far Away

Alys at Gardening Nirvana entitled her post Blogging Nirvana.  How perfect is that title?

Dani from Teddy and Tottie wrote More Lady Edith than Audrey

Pauline from The Contented Crafter described the tea in Still No Art – Just More Life

(I’ll add posts from our last two Skype Tea partiers soon).

I’m such a lucky woman and I can not wait for the next Tea Party!

17 thoughts on “International SkypeTea Party!

  1. Thanks for bringing your girlie side to the Tea Party Laurie. I feel like I’m in with ‘the cool chick’ when I’m hanging with you! Some will scratch their heads on how diverse our lives seem. I’m not the lease bit surprised, because there’s a lot to love about you and you bring so much to my day. You’re the only gal I know who’ll travel that big country of your’s on your own bike. You’re independent, open, giving, caring and creative. A single mom with a career and your own home. A wonderfully talented photographer. I just feel so happy to call you a friend! Thanks for all your nice comments here and support in life and blogging. Love K

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  3. I love that I have a biker chick bloggie friend! And that you wore long white gloves – I myself went for a stunning pair of aqua fingerless gloves that I use when painting! I love your energy – it was so clear and open and your obvious leadership qualities shone through. It was such a pleasure hearing your voice! I actually took the most amazingly awful selfie at the very moment I was cracking up over something you had said – it remains to be seen if it will ever actually be shared 🙂

  4. I think you’ve written about the event perfectly, LB! It’s so lovely to see the same event through everyone’s different eyes. Thanks so much for the shout out on your wonderful blog. I love your photos! Hopefully at the next International Skype Tea Party I’ll get to see you face-to-face! xoxoxoxoxox

  5. I still find it interesting that so many observe that a gal on her own bike is so novel! Around here it’s common enough that it rarely draws much, if any, attention. Your Skype adventure was such a cool idea…….and I would much rather go with wine than tea!!!!!!! Love the gloves (takes me back to senior prom days!!!!!!!!!).

  6. Laurie, it’s been so enjoyable reading about our shared tea from different perspectives. It was wonderful hearing your voice and learning just a little bit more about you. Now that I’ve matched voices with faces, the experience here feels all the more richer. Isn’t that amazing?

    I love your tea cup full of wine. You were true to yourself. I was so excited getting ready that I forgot to get a drink of any kind. Thanks for sharing your photos of hat and gloves. Can’t wait to do this again, soon.

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  8. This is just beautiful. When I hear people clucking about how the Internet prevents us from connecting with humans beings these days, I just have to shake my head. If only they really knew what wonderful communities we create, they’d be eager to join us!

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