Botanical Gardens

Other than the scary plane flight back home (oh my!), my time in Florida could not have been better. The company of dear friends, along with delicious food and drink, was more than enough to make me happy.  The addition of warmer temperatures, even if accompanied by rain and overcast skies, and a visit to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, made for a wonderful weekend.


“Nested in 14 acres and amongst 12 buildings, the gardens are an open-air and under-glass museum of thousands of colorful and exotics plants.  The mission of the gardens is to provide an oasis of inspiration and tranquility, while furthering the understanding and appreciation of plants, especially epiphytes (a plant that derives its moisture and nutrients from the air and rain and usually grows on another plant).  Selby Gardens is known for its living collection of more than 6,000 orchids, but it is also an established authority on other epiphytes including bromeliads, gesneriads, and other plants”.


I’m not sure when I’ve been to a place where I’ve known so little and learned so much!  My ability with the camera did not do justice to the glory of these plants (tripods were not allowed iin the orchid house), but the photos do reveal their vibrant colors and uniqueness.

_MG_2904 _MG_2902 _MG_2787 _MG_2797

This Fig Tree had the most incredible root system.

_MG_2805 _MG_2806

Despite the focus on plant life, the Gardens are home to wildlife as well.

_MG_2832 _MG_2799

I was so focused on capturing the color of this plant that I didn’t realize until later that I beheaded this little critter.


The Rainforest Masks of Costa Rica were on display, in the 10th annual exhibition of the people of Boruca.  The masks are carved from native woods and are intricately painted in vibrant acrylic pigments.  Incredible!


The historic Selby estate contains gardens devoted to Bamboo and Banyans, Cactus and Succulents, Bonsai, Hibiscus, Tropical Fruit, Fern, Native Florida Plants, Mangroves, Tropical Hardwoods, as well as Orchids.

_MG_2858 _MG_2930 _MG_2937

Even the gate that surrounds the property is a work of art.

_MG_2939 _MG_2944

 Multiple visits would be needed to fully appreciate the gardens, a must see for plant / flower lovers.



44 thoughts on “Botanical Gardens

  1. What a wonderful job on the photos and the post Laurie 😀 That root system on that fig tree is incredible. Bravo ! Have a great day.

  2. Thank you for sharing the delights of these gardens. A bit of nostalgia for me – my mother traveled the gardens of Florida and she had an orchid garden of over 100 plants right outside our back door! I was most drawn to your photo of the curling white flower thingy. Was it the shoot an orchid sent out for its flowers?

    • Wow! 100 plants! So your green thumb is inherited! I’m not sure about that white curly thing …I wish i’d paid more attention to the names of plants 🙂

  3. Stunning! I saved this post for this morning so I could look at the photos at my leisure – they are all equally wonderful! I so admire the eye that looks through the lens and knows how to get the fabulous image! Thank you Laurie – this is beautiful xoxo

  4. Laurie, these photos are absolutely stunning. You could sell each and everyone of them in the gardens gift shop. The specimens on display are amazing. You’ve really captured the essence of the gardens, and now I want to go, too.


    • Mike!! So good to read your comment, and I thank you. I love the colors of that orchid, and also the varying patterns on the petals. It was an incredible place to be!

  5. I’m certain I’ve never seen a garden park more beautiful Laurie. You’ve managed to capture it beautify with your camera. My gosh, have you considered emailing them with the URL for this post? They would be thrilled. I think I see a spider in the one with the upside-down Gramaphone type flowers (I don’t know what they’re called. I shudder when I think of your flight. Sounds horrifying to be tossed around so violently that you’re diverted. I’d probably start crying. Looks like Alys would love to go here, I’ll add that to our list 😀

    • Such a good idea to share think link. I will!!
      And I have to tell you that I did NOT see that spider! So glad your eye caught it. Love that!!
      Yes, the flight was scary. Interesting … the wreck and post wreck trauma had me more frightened than normal (and I shed some tears, too), but I was also more patient with the schedule upheaval and just so grateful to be on the ground.

      • ??? Wreck? As in Airplane wreck? What have I missed? Gads, I was under the impression you were diverted due to extreme rough weather that was tossing you about. I had no idea your plane was in a wreck…LB OMgosh. It’s worst than I thought. !!

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  7. Those are stunning photos! I loved the tree roots–something about roots really intrigues me. Also love the colorful fish in such close proximity. And the orchids–one of my favorite flowers. Ours are in full bloom right now. Thank you for taking me along on this visit to such beautiful gardens.

    • Thank you so much! I’ll look forward to visiting your blog, too. From your blog name alone, I’ll bet you know many of the flowers at the Marie Selby. It was an incredible place!

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