One special moment in time….

Mae wrote this lovely post … an uplifting moment after a terrible week.

Mae's Day

Magnolia 200

Yesterday, we flew over the storm that trapped me in Chicago.  We bumped and thumped over the clouds.  Belted in our seats, I was in the last row fighting back the urge to grab that little paper bag in the pocket seat.  I kept my dignity in tact as lunch remained where I needed it to be.

59th Street Bridge

When we landed in New York the sun was out and it was warm.  Having lived the storm that was coming, I decided to run to the park and capture some photos of the trees.  A now or never in case the intensity was the same as in Chicago.  I feared all of the blooms would be blown away.


Central Park was beautiful and I was right to run up there to capture what already was a peak moment.  As I neared Bethesda Fountain I spied a gondola on the lake.  It was…

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Because Boomdee dared me: Lay a little sugar on me :-)

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