Raleigh: Perfect Opportunity to Practice Portraits!

I have so much to learn about photography, and even though I am thoroughly enjoying the process, I am often impatient with my less than rapid growth.  I particularly need to improve my skill with photographing people.

On Monday, I had the chance to visit with Amy and Debbie, and while we enjoyed our catch up time, sweet little Raleigh enjoyed her snacks and playtime.  It was the perfect chance to practice and I had fun photographing her.

Raleigh chattered all evening, and was often smiling and playful, but my favorite shot was this one.  Don’t you wonder what she was thinking?



She sure loved those apple slices!


And managed to entertain us as she ate.


This was the best one in B&W


Was she ready to get out of the highchair?


Or just ready for bed?


Either way, she’s pretty darn sweet and made the perfect subject for portrait practice!

10 thoughts on “Raleigh: Perfect Opportunity to Practice Portraits!

    • Thanks Ruth!! I follow so many photographers and their work is so stunning that I keep feeling like I pale in comparison. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  1. Love these pics Laurie! Of course, I’m a little prejudice, but between your excellent photography skills and Raleigh’s cuteness those are some beautiful pictures!

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