Lovely Rain

Soothing, cooling, lovely …. rain needs no improvement.

My photography?  Still a work in progress … but I have to say, i was pretty excited with how these pictures turned out.

The first 4 were taken at the cabin in Floyd County.  The second 4 were taken from my front porch.

6 thoughts on “Lovely Rain

    • Thanks so much!! I’m pretty sure a good part of it was luck 🙂 I am still learning! It was pouring and my friends have beautiful pieces of glass all over their cabin and I could visualize how beautiful it could be. So I just kept getting closer, zooming in carefully and it just happened. I use a Canon SX40 HS … wish I could give some awesome technical advice … but that’s it. You made my day!

  1. Hi there! My best friend really likes the first photo and I was wondering if I could get a physical print of it? I’d pay for the print itself and postage and packaging. 🙂

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