Why A Blog?

I used to be one who kept a journal.

All through high school and college, I recorded the escapades of the typical teenager – boys, friends, and drama.  Unfortunately, not much was said about family (other than the usual “I hate my parents”) or any accomplishments, good or bad.

Then Andrew came into my life and I was fairly diligent about recording his milestones and the funny things that he said.  That too fell by the wayside of single parenting, full time employment and graduate school.

As time has gone by, I have come to realize how incredibly fortunate I am to have the life that I do.  I have the best parents EVER (unlike what my high school journals report), a wonderful son and extended family, amazing friends (all of whom will receive mention in this journal, I am sure) and a strong, healthy body (for the most part).


I love to ride my bike, with friends and alone.

I enjoy traveling, but am also happy at home.

I take too many pictures,

will jump in any body of water within reach,

and enjoy baking, cooking and reading.  But more on all that later.

I don’t claim to be a great writer.  In fact, I use too many parentheses (), often resort to elipsis …, and quite a few dashes  – .  Lynne Truss, author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves, would accuse me of causing “existential suffering” (her words)!  None the less, here it is!

I do not think my words will inspire or impress anyone.  I just want to be able to look back on my life later and remember what a fabulous one it has been.

23 thoughts on “Why A Blog?

  1. Love it, Laurie! Wonderful summary and first blog. Great idea for you. Looking forward to checking in, but please send email notifications w/ a link to the blog, or I’ll never remember to check it. Love, Christine

    P.S. I’m the same kind of writer (w/ the addition of using too many exclamation points!!!).

    • My first comment! I love you for that (well and for many other things, too) … there go those parentheses again !!!!!!!!! with added exclamation points for you 🙂

  2. Laurie, this is a great idea. Brian & Leigh have done this, beginning with their first child. I also hope that you send us a note indicating when you have updated it. Looking forward to hearing what you decide to post here versus FaceBook versus the other online site you were/are using. Laurie & Christine, I’m the same sort of writer (and I use run-on sentences).

  3. This is so awesome — you are an amazing woman, and I’m excited that you’re doing this — just leave out the ODU days, ok?? I love the pics of your family! Xox

    • Yep, those ODU days will stay where they belong … in the many handwritten journals that are still in my room. Perhaps we need to have a bonfire!! Thanks for reading and replying! LVU2 !

  4. You can never use too many parentheses (and I have a degree in writing, so I should know (of course maybe a degree in writing gives one the hubris to believe one knows things about writing (and hubris, after all, is the quintessential tragic flaw (my point being: you can never use too many parentheses (as long as you keep proper track of them))))).

    • Too funny, Alison! That is exactly what Lynne Truss was referring to … people who leave others dangling with an uneven number of parentheses! I’ll be referring to you when I need help 🙂 Thanks for reading my first effort at blogging!

  5. I remember those journals! It was so much fun sitting with you and Jan years ago (time flies!) in Charlottesville and hearing you read from them. I am sure it will be meaningful to look back on this “journal” as well. Tommy (my ex) brought over a box of my things he found in the attic (or basement) when they moved last week. Among other things, it contained letters I had saved that were written to me while I was in high school and college. I spent last night reading many of them. It made me think of you, as you were featured in some of them. I look forward to following your life and travels and will share mine with you.

  6. Its happened that our blog share the same month birthday. Lets make a party next year! 🙂 I’m half way through reading your blog. You have a beautiful family and plus the bike too. I get so much inspired from a blogger like you.

    • How fun to meet and hear from others all over the world. Who knows where your travels will take you…..maybe you can Eat,Ride,Love the USA….: )

      • it was an amazing journey, i got to meet so many amazing people through blogging. Definitely gonna eat, ride and love the USA!! 🙂

    • Oh goodness, Susie! You are so good to read my blog (I post waaaayyyyyy too much!). I’m looking forward to seeing yours grow, as I know it will!

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